Tortious Interference


Tortious interference with a contract is a business tort that allows a party or parties to a contract to hold a third party liable, if the individual or entity interfered with the contract in a way that led to the aforementioned party or parties to suffer damages.

To prove tortious interference with a contract, the plaintiff must demonstrate several factors occurred, including:

  • The plaintiff entered a contract agreement with another business or individual
  • The defendant possessed knowledge about this contract
  • The defendant deliberately acted in a way that resulted in a breach of contract
  • A breach of contract occurred
  • The plaintiff suffered damages as a result of these actions

Defendants in tortious interference with a contract claims may be held liable for their actions that led to a breach of contract between the plaintiff and the other contracted party for numerous reasons. This may include threatening behavior, coercion, or encouragement to breach the contract.

Claims for tortious interference with a contract can only occur if the contract was established and agreed upon at the time the defendant engaged in actions leading to the breach of contract.

If you suspect another company or individual of tortious interference with your contractual relationship, you may be able to recover damages as compensation for your loss due to the defendant’s interference.

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