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Lombana Hoelle Trial Law is passionate about the practice of law.  We are dedicated to protecting our clients’ rights and achieving successful results. Our legal team provides experience and professionalism across numerous legal disciplines combined with a focus on the unique individual business and personal requirements of our clients.

Lombana Hoelle Trial Law is dedicated to helping its clients. 

Lombana Hoelle Trial Law can offer you effective legal counsel, timely response and an optimal level of professional dedication and integrity.

“We are dedicated to assisting individuals and corporations facing adversity. Our firm capitalizes on our collective experience to bring strong representation to our clients.
We share a love of advocacy and trial work.”

~ Hector J. Lombana

At Lombana Hoelle Trial Law, our team is committed to offering clients legal advice and legal strategies that are customized to their specific requirements. Some complex legal issues require extensive expertise concerning numerous different legal areas.

Our attorneys possess the necessary talent and resources to navigate a diverse legal landscape. This approach leads to effective and efficient legal representation and, therefore, positive outcomes regardless of whether in the courtroom or at the negotiating table.

Litigation is often a necessary part of providing clients proper representation and outstanding results. Lombana Hoelle Trial Law has effectively represented our clients from inception of the case through trial, whenever necessary.

The success of our clients and, as a result, our success is based on an unwillingness to compromise what is right and just for our clients.