Professional Malpractice


When you hire a professional in the state of Florida, regardless of whether it is a lawyer, real estate agent, accountant, or professional of any type, you expect this individual or entity to provide services that meet, if not exceed, the acceptable standards in their field.

This expectation to do their job right is only normal. However, when a professional fails to meet the industry standard, they can be held liable for these actions under Florida law.

The first step in a professional malpractice claim is to determine whether or not the specified professional deviated from the industry standards, as well as if you can link your professional losses to the negligent action.

Not every professional situation that produces bad results necessarily constitutes malpractice. State and federal laws are specific to every industry, as well as a specialty area.

Professional malpractice may occur across a wide variety of fields, including:

  • Legal malpractice
  • Accounting malpractice
  • Real estate malpractice

You can settle a professional negligence claim through an out-of-court negotiation or litigation. Our attorneys from Lombana Hoelle Trial Law assist clients in professional malpractice claims by advocating on behalf of their best interests.

A claim that arises from professional malpractice is often technically complex and challenging to prove to a judge or jury. You must establish that the opposing party didn’t adhere to the proper ethical and professional standards in their specific industry.

This requires an understanding of state and federal laws, as well as industry-specific requirements, standards, and practices. Our attorneys possess extensive experience assisting clients with professional negligence claims.

These cases often require expert witnesses offering their opinions, or to explain concepts to a jury. We can assist you with every aspect of a malpractice claim, including securing expert testimony. Our firm can represent your best interests while helping you hold those responsible liable for their actions.



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