General Contract Disputes


Disputes that involve the rights and responsibilities of the various parties linked in a contact represent the most common type of legal controversy.

To avoid business interruption, you need to resolve general contract disputes promptly and fairly. General contract disputes are often complex and contain alternatives that may work to your advantage or disadvantage.

When you enter into any contract, there is an assumed agreement that both parties will abide by these terms. However, circumstances may change and even contracts that you carefully or professional draft may be violated.

Regardless of whether your situation involves a construction, vendor, commercial, or employment contract, if you enter into a dispute, you will likely need legal representation. Lombana Hoelle Trial Law has the experience that can assist you in general contract disputes.

Contracts serve as a critical facet of any business action. When another contracting party violates an agreement, this can lead to a situation where your business suffers substantial financial losses.  

A dispute may range from disagreements about the interpretation of the contract terms to a complete and total failure to perform or adhere to the obligations outlined by and agreed to in the contract. If your business is damaged as a result of another party’s failure to abide by the terms of a contractual agreement, Lombana Hoelle Trial Law can assist you in developing a plan of action.

close up of contract and pen on table


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