Complex Litigation


While all lawsuits are complicated, the term complex litigation typically involves large civil cases involving multiple parties, as well as multiple jurisdictions, large amounts of money, lengthy trials and complex legal issues. These lawsuits can often draw media scrutiny, in addition to costing companies in both time and money.

Complex litigation involves unique, individual issues that an attorney without complex litigation experience rarely faces, including multi-jurisdictional and complex choice of law issues. Experience in this area is critical.

Lombana Hoelle Trial Law is prepared to navigate these issues for your company while formulating the best legal strategy to address your litigation concerns.

Lombana Hoelle Trial Law Complex Litigation

When our legal professionals approach a complex litigation case,  we analyze the situation and earnestly assess your legal options. This may include obtaining an out-of-court settlement or the filing of a legal action. Our goal in complex litigation cases is to minimize court expenses while advocating on our client’s behalf. 

The litigation attorneys at Lombana Hoelle Trial Law have the necessary experience to handle these complicated matters.

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Our legal team provides experience and professionalism across numerous legal disciplines combined with a focus on the unique, individual business and personal requirements for each and every client that enters our doors.