Business Torts


Business torts involve wrongdoings to another during the course of business actions. Business torts can often include fraud, tortious interference with a contract, and theft of trade secrets. These often involve misrepresentation, interfering with the contracts of others, disruption of business relationships, as well as unfair competition. These situations can arise across any commercial industry or context.

A business tort may encompass anything within the range of misconduct, including negligence and malpractice. Business torts often involve unfair trade issues that potentially result in an intentional or improper interference with the business interests of another. Either way, they can create the risk of punitive damages and reputational harm Lombana Hoelle Trial Law has extensive experience in both prosecuting and defending business torts, and has done so economically and effectively.

A fraud claim can jeopardize a business’s financial and reputational interests. In disputes between businesses, Lombana Hoelle Trial Law has regularly represented clients as plaintiffs or defendants. 

Lombana Hoelle Trial Law has extensive experience in protecting the interests of our clients in emergency matters, including temporary restraining orders or preliminary injunctions in both state and federal courts.

Effective Remedies for Business Torts

Business tort remedies generally include some form of monetary damages. 

If your business is involved in a business tort case, you may need legal assistance from a business litigation attorney. Lombana Hoelle Trial Law can assist you in obtaining compensation for your business’s losses. We represent clients that experience tort lawsuits filed against them, as well. It is that ability to represent plaintiffs and defendants in various matters that brings a unique set of skills to the table. We know how the other side works. Our attorneys can help represent your best interests during negotiations and in the courtroom.

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