Business, Corporate and Partnership Disputes


Businesses large and small experience disputes with customers, partners, and employees as well. Complex business litigation can impact both your business profits, as well as your expenses.

Contracts and other interactions between businesses, or businesses and individuals are often sensitive, complicated situations.

Ideally, you can solve business disputes without needing to take the situation into the courtroom. Numerous options exist to resolve business disputes amicably, including informal negotiation and mediation. The business litigation attorneys at Lombana Hoelle Trial Law can assist in these discussions outside of the courtroom, as well as represent your best interests inside the courtroom.

Resolving business disputes requires experience and understanding of the legal dynamics at play in the case. Our attorneys possess the necessary skills to find effective solutions.

Business dispute cases may include:

  • General Contract Disputes
  • Tortious Interference with a Contract
  • Breach of Contract
  • Fraud Claims

Lombana Hoelle Trial Law understands the sensitivity of these issues and can handle your case skillfully and discretely.

close up of two people discussing a contract


Our legal team provides experience and professionalism across numerous legal disciplines combined with a focus on the unique, individual business and personal requirements for each and every client that enters our doors.