Accounting Malpractice

Accounting Malpractice

Accounting malpractice typically involves a failure to provide accounting or financial services at the same competence level that another reasonable professional of similar background and education is expected to provide in a similar situation.

Accounting malpractice can result in devastating financial consequences for both individuals and businesses.

Accountants have an obligation to their clients to adhere to specific accounting industry standards, as well as exercise care when preparing tax returns, reports, and other assorted financial services. Conversely, clients have the right to expect that this accounting professional will offer fair and honest services while advising them properly.

When accountants negligently make errors or willingly engage in actions that are detrimental to you and your business, this not only leads to financial damages, it may also cause immeasurable damage to the reputation of your business.

Accounting malpractice claims can be extremely complicated. Demonstrating to a judge or jury that an accountant acted negligently or fell short of their professional obligations may pose a challenge due to the specialized nature of their work.

A litigator must compare accounting industry standards to the actions of a defending accountant in order to establish that the defendant accountant’s¬†actions were below industry standards.

It is important for victims of accounting malpractice to seek out experienced legal representation. The accounting malpractice attorneys at Lombana Hoelle Trial Law can provide the required expertise to assist clients in this area.

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